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 The Boat (Guide to get to Hogwarts)

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Fallon Boyd
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PostSubject: The Boat (Guide to get to Hogwarts)   Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:35 pm

Display Name

Your dispaly name is your username, you cannot change that. Unless you request so. But if you wish for your username to be changed into your character name, just like mine, be sure that you have put an active email account on upon your registration so that you'll be notified immidiately once your username have been change as you have requested. It is that useful.


Blood Identification and Sorting

Once result is posted, it is FINAL! PMing of request to change whichever of the two will be ignored.


Proper Spelling, Grammar, Capitalization and Punctuation usage

1. No text talks
2. d0 noT usE tHis TypE of vEry iMpRopEr cApiTaLizaTioN!
3. Check your grammar. Tip: Use Microsoft Word for checking.[/color]
4. Please, use commas and periods. Befriend them. :)


Language to Use

For assignments and role playing you have to use only one between English and Filipino. Tag-lish usage is only allowed at OOC (out of character) threads like the Muggle World/Community.


Rule without Specification

~Usage of Curse Words leads to automatic banning of member.

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The Boat (Guide to get to Hogwarts)
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